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We help our customers build great products is at the center of everything we do. We provide specialized Product Engineering services across the entire IoT product development cycle, from consulting, device engineering, cloud and mobility application development, data analytics, and support and maintenance.

Do you have challenges of uncertain planning, huge initial investment, lack of skillsets, and fragmented vendor ecosystem delaying your IoT adoption?

Our Consulting services are designed to guide our customers through the labyrinth of technology, standards, and best practices that exist in the IoT development. Using our knowledge and expertise, we help map the industry ecosystem, provide industry insights, build business cases and even assist you in validating them.

product engineering services

Shorting product life cycles and rapid technology advances are putting device makers to innovate and create a unique product.We offer our clients a great services that include embedded software, validation & testing services to accelerate new product development.We are experts in connectivity, security, device management, multimedia, sensor networks, and gateways.